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A Little Bio About Big Talent

Ryan Wayne has been dedicated to be a professional in the performing arts Since he was 7 years old, Ryan had a burning desire to be on screens from small to large to move and entertain as many people as possible. Being able to be involved in the theatre program in high school; Ryan was involved in nearly every production and competition that was presented to him. Post graduation, Ryan was accepted into AMDA College & Conservatory. Mr.Wayne obtained his BFA Acting degree in 2018. 

Post Graduation Ryan has been busy working on many a short films, music videos, and live performances with The Sacred Fools Theatre Company.

Ryan believes that one should always strive to be the best possible version of their self, and he constantly seeks new ways to take himself to the next level as an entertainer. Constantly trying to improve his craft, Ryan has attended different workshops in improv, stage combat, Voice over etc.

Ryan also creates Stand up material, original spoken words, and screenplays for his own short films.

On a side note Ryan Wayne is also known for making a work out routine using Pokémon Go. Ryan has lost over 30 pounds using this exercise and changed his life all thanks to the app inspiring him to "get up and go". He also competes on the competitive scene in Pokemon Go and has been ranked in the top 5% at one point.




MEAN BOYS (short)                  Lead          The 3rd Films/Alexander Gonzales

AFTER SCHOOL(short)             Lead                                    NYFA/Bobby Feng

FOTO ALBUM(short)                Lead                                   ACCD/ Hailee Bao

    IRREPARABLE (short)                Lead            AMDA Films/Todd Patrick Breaugh

 RESPONSIBILITY(short)             Supporting                 Independent/Max Retik

WIDE AWAKE WORLD (short)   Lead                                 USC/Charles Blecker

     EVERYONE'S HERO(short)          Supporting                                    NYFA/Zizhoa Yu

BREAKING UP AND ENTERING Supporting                          LMU/Andrew Gioia


KILL IN THE BLANK (Web)      Guest Star    Facebook Watch/Brian Thompson

GAME MASTERS (Web)          Guest Star      YZ Productions/Rebecca Zamolo

AVA: A TWIST IN THE ROAD     Featured           Independent /Catherane Skilllen

GHOSTED (Pilot)               Lead               LAFS/Adam Swain Ferguson

THE NERD CAVE          Host                                               Bidchat


THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT            Pierre                     AMDA/Eve Gordon

THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH                          Various                  AMDA/William Mesnik

CAFE SERIES                                               Spoken Word        AMDA Cafe/John Sloman

STRAIGHT OUTTA AMDA (stand up)       Comedian              AMDA/Suzanna Spies

WHERE ARE MY TACOS?                          Improvist                AMDA/Karly Rothenberg

ONCE ON THIS ISLAND                           Beauxhomme        MHS/Dave Allen Thomas

MACBETH (one act)                                   Witch 3                   MHS/Dave Allen Thomas

12 ANGRY MEN                                         Juror 10                  MHS/Lori McGuffin

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS                    Various                   MHS/Dave Allen Thomas


BFA Acting- AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts

ACTING: James Bontempo, Brian Abraham, Paul Perri, Eric Scott Gould, Anthony Mark Barrow,

William Mesnik, Stephen Rockwell, Jud Wiliford, Jennifer Bloom, Ryan Welsh, Mark Lewis,

Cain DeVore, Todd Patrick Breaugh

VOICE: Stuart Levin, Anne Burk, Paula Grande

SINGING: John Sloman, Ross Chitwood

SHAKESPEARE: Arthur Hanket, Dave Thomas

IMPROV: Tom Greene, Katey Mushlin, Karly Rothenberg

STAGE COMBAT: Tim Brown, Travis Sims, Lacy Altwine, Jeff Lewis, Carlos Duarte, Charles Currier,

Christi Waldon.


Singer (Tenor)

Stage Combat (Unarmed, Rapier, Rapier Dagger, Broadsword, Quarterstaff, Small Sword, & Knife) 



Runner & Climber